Weizhen Tang Announces Publication of Law and Justice: My Struggle During His 2026 Mayoral Campaign

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Tuesday, July 4, 2023 at 4:42pm UTC

Ontario, Canada, 3rd Jul 2023,Peter Morgan, Canada & World Report– Weizhen Tang, a prominent biologist, academic, and financial entrepreneur, officially announced his candidacy for the 2026 mayoral election of Toronto. Tang also revealed plans to publish his book “Law and Justice: My Struggle” during the 2026 campaign, offering insights into his personal journey and challenges overcome, providing voters with a comprehensive understanding of his character and experiences.

Tang, who ranked 72nd among 102 candidates in the recent by-election, expressed his determination to pursue the mayoral seat and outlined his vision for the city’s future. This year marks his second run for mayor of Toronto, with his first attempt in 2010 resulting in a top 20 ranking among 41 candidates.

With a diverse background and expertise in various fields, Tang aims to revitalize Toronto’s economy under the campaign slogan “Make Toronto rich again.” Leveraging his financial acumen and life experiences, Tang believes he is uniquely qualified to lead the city towards economic prosperity.

Tang’s academic journey began at Central South University of Forestry and Technology in China, where he excelled as an assistant professor of microbiology. His research on unraveling human genetic diseases earned recognition at prestigious institutions in Toronto, following his studies at the University of Ohio and the University of Waterloo, where he obtained a Master’s Degree in Biology in 1992.

In 1996, Tang founded Weizhen Tang & Associates, Inc. Tang’s financial expertise attracted the attention of Canadian investment firm Gorinsen, Tang’s resilience and commitment to his partners and clients solidified his reputation as a financial expert. His published works, including “My Way to Buffettian Wealth” and “The Chinese Warren Buffett,” garnered acclaim in the finance industry.

Weizhen Tang
Weizhen Tang

Last month, Tang’s campaign platform addresses Toronto’s financial challenges. He aims to generate $10 billion for the city within a year through strategic investments in world market. This investment strategy seeks to replace property taxes, fund free TTC services, and address the current deficit. Tang emphasizes effective leadership and a business-oriented approach to governance, drawing inspiration from former Mayor Mel Lastman.

Beyond Toronto’s borders, Tang envisions the city as a model of international collaboration, fostering stronger ties with the United States, China, and other countries for global economic development.

While Tang’s candidacy has attracted both support and skepticism, he remains resolute in his belief that his experiences will greatly benefit Toronto’s management. As the 2026 mayoral campaign unfolds, Torontonians will evaluate Tang’s vision and determine the future of their vibrant city.

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